Research on Ailric

Research on Ailric

The following is an extract from a collection of old deeds contained in the Woolley Parish & Bretton folders at the Registry of Deeds HQ in Wakefield

It is copied out as written and represents someone’s comments on the documents

Extract from the Chartulary of the monastery of St.Mary Magdalene of MonkBretton

In this chartulary is the list of the books which belong to the monastery. It seems from it that the monks seem to have accumulated an unusually large number of books . There are 150 works shown Two of the books which are in the list are now in the library at Woolley with the Chartulary Vetus et Novum Testamentum translator Hieronymus and Opus Regall de Persecution(illis?) Ecclesia after this comes Bulls of Pope Innocent Urban and Honorius conforming the foundacion of the monastery Pope Innocent’s Bull is in 1200 Urban’s in 1186 Honours in the third year of his pontifacy After these we have the foundacion grant of the monastery by Adam Fitzswain the founder of this monastery What he settles upon the house by this grant was the site the village of Bretton (Montbretton, Newhall, Rainsesbergh and Linthwaite whatsoever the founder had in Bramp (NOTE – this was the end of the line and the end of the word could be missing. We think the full word might be Brampton where Adam Fitzswain held property) certain mills upon the Dearne and whatsoever he had between that river and Staincliffe as far as Meresbrook

This deed is undated but Adam Fitzswein died in 1158 and it app(ears) that the foundation was not complete till just before the close of his life.

The witnesses to it are Alexander and Richard his sons, Edwardus de Almanei and Robert his brother Dolphin de Alvelai William & Henry his sons.