William Bretton of Maryland- Continued search – October 2009

William Bretton of Maryland October 2009

 We continued our search for William Bretton of Maryland and decided that we would make one more attempt to search the records of the Yorkshire Archeological Society in Leeds. We went there on 29 October 2009 and spoke to one of the archivists. We took with us some basic information about William Bretton, taken from the family history, as a reminder.

One tiny example of that information was a comment that we had on our family tree, courtesy of Hugh Bowler, a reference to a William Bretton at Cathill. We told her that we had been totally unable to find Cathill anywhere and she found an old book which said that Cathill was a farmstead within the boundary of Hoylandswaine, and about a mile from Penistone. The rest of the morning, trying to find any reference to a land sale for William Bretton and a Nabbs/Knabbs, was  fruitless. It was suggested that they had records, un-indexed- of copyholder land if we wanted to search them. I said that the two families arrived in Maryland in early 1637 so any likely sale would have been in 1636, more likely later in that year as they would have no purpose in staying here after the land was sold. For some reason that was never followed up so that is still to do.

When we arrived home we searched a large scale ordnance survey map and were delighted to find Cathill as the book described. HOWEVER, when we tried to turn up the original reference to Cathill and William Bretton, courtesy of Hugh Bowler, we are completely unable to do so. We cannot possibly have imagined it because we were completely unaware that there even was a place called “Cathill”.

Just to be on the safe side we then reviewed our searches of local parish records when we were looking for William Bretton. Immediately we found the search we had done of the Silkstone parish records where the two following entries were shown :-

Ann, daughter of William Bretton of Hoylandswaine  baptised 5 August 1630


Anne, ye daughter of William Bretton of Hoylandswaine was baptised 30th June 1631

Clearly no mention of Cathill here, but more evidence apparently of the common practice of naming the next child of the same sex after the one who recently died. The first “Ann” must have died in the meantime before the birth of “Anne”. If this is indeed the same William Bretton as emigrated to Maryland then this second “Anne” had also died and a William born before they sailed in 1636.

We then combed all our records and found, again, what we sadly already knew. We have sheets and sheets of information about a myriad of Brettons all taken from every record we could find. At the time we knew the exact source of each entry BUT we never headed each sheet with the details of the record from which that information came. Going back over many many years we used, at one particular time, sheets of lined paper from one pad and one of those sheets, matching all the other sheets (so apparently from the same time period of the other notes) had the name of Mary Field. This was the name of the servant transported in his early Maryland years by William Bretton. We cannot remember accessing these notes from well before we heard of William Bretton and we are completely stumped by this written entry. It is the only entry of a name other than a Bretton (or variation thereon) that we  know about and we have to confess that it’s appearance puzzles us completely

The entries for Mary Field are as follows :-

 Mary Field   daughter of Thomas Feild b. 30.1.1620 at Crofton

 Mary Field   daughter of Thomas Field & Elizabeth  b. 16.7.1637 at Crofton

Crofton is about three miles from Wakefield. Note the spelling in the register of “Field” being the same as the spelling of the servant maid transported to Maryland. It is a common occurrence even long after this date for spellings to alter on the same record between father and children so the spelling of Field or Feild makes no difference.It is impossible that the parents are the same people,  as the first “Mary” was still alive when the second one was christened. If this first Mary born in 1620 is indeed the servant she is within an acceptable age band, maybe around 18 when she went out to Maryland.

Brettons amongst the early settlers of Maryland

All surnames are Bretton Christian name Migrated or transported Liber
William transported 1664 6
Ellen “ 1665 8
George “ 1657 5
Lyonell From Virginia 1664 7
Oliver transported 1671 16
Richard “ 1663 5
Robert “ 1570 12
Seoyone Service 1664 5
Stephen Transported 1661 5
William immigrated 1637 with wife 2
Son and 3 servants
William (son) age 4 Transported 1637
William was lawful heir to Thomas Nabbs` Folio 8
William transported 1668/9 12
The following pages refer to William Bretton but were found on a website headed William Brereton of Britton on Breton Bay – St. Mary’s. The original tenure of the article was that William Brereton, whom the family were seeking was mistakenly supposed to be William Bretton. William Brereton was apparently a staunch Protestant just as William Bretton was a staunch Catholic. The author eventually accepted that this really was William Bretton and not William Brereton according to correspondence at the end of the article including an e.mail from the only known descendent of William Bretton.

Archives of Maryland Volume 73 LAND HOLDERS ASSISTANT

Page 72
That I have assigned seven hundred and fiftie acres of land to Mr Bretton in a neck upon the main to the northward of Heron Island and to the Eastward of St. Clement’s Manor, Provided, that he enter his names for which the said land is due in the Surveyor’s Book, and procure the same to be surveyed within a twelve month from the date hereof and take a grant on it under the great seal. Signed LEONARD CALVERT 28TH October, 1639 William Bretton, Gent demandeth five hundred and fiftie acres(the figure 550 instead of 750 is copied exactly from the record) of land in freehold due by Conditions of Plantation for transporting himself and wife and one child and three able men servants and two hundred acres more due by Conditions of Plantation to Thomas Nabbs for transporting himself and his wife whose assigne the said William Britton is by intermarriage with Mary daughter and heir of the said Thomas the said persons transported into the province of Maryland in the year 1637 to plant and inhabit there and was allowed. Names of the three servants John M., Richard H., James J June 29th 1640 Laid out for William Bretton, gent one neck of land lyeing in Potomack river near over against Heron island and bounding on the South with the said Potomack River on the west with St. Clement’s Bay on the East with a great bay called Brittaine bay and on the North with a line drawn across the woods from St Clements bay unto the head of a little creek in Brittain Bay called St. Nicholas Creek. Where now goeth the hedge of the said William Britton the said neck containing the whole seven hundred and fifty acres or thereabouts JOHN LEWGER Patent
Cecicilius Etc Know ye that we for and in consideration that William Britton, Gent., hath transported himself in person, his wife, one child and three able men servants into our said province of Maryland in the year 1637 and that the said William Britton is the lawful heir of Thomas Nabbs who transported himselfe and his wife into our said province in the year aforesaid to plant and inhabit there and to the end the said William Britton and his heirs may be enabled etc. Have by the advice of our Dear Brother etc, and according to the tenure of our letters under our hand and seal bearing date at Portsmouth in the realm of England 8th August 1636 and enrolled by our Secretary of our said province granted enfeoffed etc unto the said William Britton all that neck of land lying in Potomack river (ut supra in survey) to have and to hold etc to the said William Britton and his heirs etc to be holden of our mannor of Little Britain Yielding therefore at our usual receipt at st maries fifteen shillings in money sterling or one barrel and a half of good corn Etc. Given Etc this tenth of July 1640 LIBER No 1 folio 68 Source john Kilty Land Holders Assistant and land Office guide Baltimore G. Dobbin and Murphy 1808 MSA L 25529
Archives of Maryland Volume 65, Preovincial Court proceedings 1671 Appendix Page 684 These ptnts witness yt I William Bretton of Little Brittaine in ye Province of Maryland gentn for & in consideration of a marriage to bee performed & celebrated betweene Mrs Temperance Jay on ye one part & myselfe on ye other……. To all which witness ny hande & Seale this 10th day of July 1651 Willm Bretton SeaXle Sealed and delivered in presence of Giles Brent Margaret Brent John Rookewood. The mark of Clovis X maze.
Archives of Maryland Volume 41 provincial Court Proceedings 1661 Page 531 ; Liber P.C.R. p. 1026 ; Aprill the 12th 1662 ; Bretton’s deed to Roman Catholic church : This day came Mr William Bretton and desired the ensueing to be recorded (vizt) Ad Perpetuam rei memoriam : Forasmuch as divers good and Zealous Roman Catholick Inhabitants of New Towne and St. Clements Bay have unanimously agreed amongst themselves to erect and build a Church or Chappell whether they may repayre on Sundays and other Holy Days appointed and Commanded by holyChurch to serve Almighty God and heare divine Service. And the most convenient place for that purpose desired and pitcht upon by them all, is a certaine parcel of the land belonging to William Bretton Gent. Now knowe yee that I William Bretton of Little Bretton in the County of St. Marys in the province ofMaryland gent, with the hearty good likeing of my dearely beloved wife Temperance Bretton. To the greater honor and Glory of Almighty God the ever immaculate Virgin Mary and all Saints have given and doe hereby freely & for ever give to the behoofe of the said Roman Catholick Inhabitants and their Posterity or Successors Roman catholicks soe much land as they shall build the Said Church or Chappell on which for their better convenience they may frequent to serve Almighty God and heare divine Service as aforesaid with such other land adjoining to the said Church or Chappell convenient likewise for a Church yard wherein to bury their dead Conteyning abt one acre and halfe of Ground Situate and lying on a devident of land called Brettons Out Lett, and on the Easte side of the said devident neere to the head of a Creeke called Sir Williams Creeke which falleth into St Nicholas Creeke and neare unto the narrowest place of the freehold of Little Brittaine. Tenth day of November Anno Domini 1661 Wm. Bretton, Temperence Bretton. Delivered and Signed in the presence of William Evans, James Thompson, Luke Gardnor, Robert Cole.
Archives of Maryland, Volume 57, Provincial Court Proceedings, 1668 Page 384 (Henry Warren was a Jesuit priest) This indenture made the second day of December in the Seaven & thirtieth yeare of the Dominium of the Rt honoble Caecilius Absolute Lord and Proprietary of the province of Maryland lod baron of Baltemore Etc in the yeare of our lord God one thousand Six hundred Sixty eight Betweene William Bretton of Brettons bay in the County of St Mary’s in the said Province Gent and temperance his wife of the one part and Henry Warren of St. innagoes in the County and Province gent of the other part witnesseth that whereas the said Lord Baltemore by his Deed of grant under his greate Seale used in the said Province for granting of lands there bearing date att St Maries the tenth day of july in the year of our lord one thousand six hundred & Forty Did for the Considerations therin mentioned grant unto the said William by the name of William Bretton gent. All that neck of land lying in Potomack rivr neere ou agt Heron’s island & bounding on the South with thesaid Potomacke rivr on the West by St. Clements Bay on the East with a greate bay called Brettons bay and on the North with a line drawne Crosse the Woods from St. Clements bay unto the head of a little creeke in Brittaine bay called St Niholas creeke where now goeth the hedge of the said William Bretton the said necke contayningin the whole seven hundred & Fifty acres or thereabouts be itt more or lesse Alsoe whereas the lord Baltemore by his deed of grant undr his greate Seal used in the said Province for granting of lands there bearing date at St. Maries the twelfth day of January in the Seaven & Twentyeth yeare of his lops Dominion ovr the sd Province annop domini One thousand six hundredfifty eight Did for the Consideracons therein menconed likewise grant unto the sd William Bretton All tht parcelh of land called Bretton’s Outlett lying in Brettons bay and bounding on the East with th said bay on the West with st. Clements bay on the North with a line drawn from the Creeke in Brettons bay called st. Williams creeke west into st Clemnts bay on the South with the Freehold of the said William Bretton Conteyning & now laid out for one hundred acres more or lesse. To have and to hold the sd two prcels of land unto the sd William Bretton his heires and assigns for evr under such rents, covenants limitacons & exceptions as in & by the sd deeds of grant relacon being thereunto had more att lrge itt doth & may appe Now this indenture wittnesseth tht the sd William Bretton & Temperence his wife for & in consideracon of forty thousand pounds of tobacco to them in hand paid by the sd Henry Warren before the Ensealeing & deliuy hereof whereof &wherewith the said William Bretton & Temperance his wife doth acknowledge themselves to be fully and wholly satisfied & paid and doth of and for eUy pte & pcell thereof aquitt and discharge the said Henry Warren his heirs and Exrs Admrs & assignes by their presents Hath granted bargained Sold enfeoffed & Confirmed & by theis pnts Doth fully cleerly & absolutely grt bargaine Sell Allen Enfeoffe & confirme unto the sd Henry Warren his heires and assignes as well the sd Seaven hundred & fifty acres as alsoe the sd one hundred acres of land & premises above mencioned Together with the Edifices & buildingswithsoeu to the same belonging or in any wiseapperteyning & now in the tenure or Occupation of the sd William Bretton & Temperence his wife their Assignee or Assignes and the refison & reucons remainders of all and singular the sd before granted aliened enfeoffed & confirmed & alsoe all the estate Claime & Demand whatsoever of them the said William Bretton & Temperence his wife of in & to the same & of in & to effy pte & pcell thereof & alsoe all woods under woods and trees now growing standing or being upon the same premises or any part or parcel thereof together with the sd before recited deeds of grant To have and to hold as well the said seaven hundred & fifty acres as alsoe the sd one hundd acres of land & premises above mentioned and all and singular the premises before by theis pnts menconed or intended to be granted with all & singular the Appurtennances to the sd Henry Warren his heires and assignes for evr. To the only use and behoofe of the sd henry Warren his heires and assignes for eU And the sd William Bretton andTemperance his wife Doth for them their heirs executors & Administrators and euy of them hereby Covenant & grant & with the sd Henry Warren his heirs and assignies & efly of them by theis pnts in mann and forme following. That is to say that they the said William Bretton and Temperance his wife for & notwithstanding any act or thing by them or by their meanes Consent privity or pcuremt had made Committed or done or Wittingly or Willfully suffered to the contrary & at the time of the Ensealing & delivered hereof standeth & are solely onely & rightfully Seized & untill the Estate hereby to be granted shall be sufficiently past & vested & Settled in the sd Henry Warren his heires and assignes for evr shall soe remayne seized of all the premises of a good absolute estate in fee simple for him and his heires for ever in his owne right and to his owne use without any mann or Condicon or Proviso right title or limitacion of use which may hereafter destroy or Evict the same oher than such condicion or proviso as is mentioned in the sd recited Deeds of grant And that the sd William Bretton & Temperance his wife notwithstanding any such act or thing as aforesaid hath good right full power & lawfull authority in their own right to grant Convey & assure the said premises & euy pte & pcell thereof unto the sd henry Warren his heires & assignes in manner aforesaid according to the true meaning hereof & also the sd Henry Warren his heirs and assignes & evry of them shall & may att all tymes & from tyme to tyme Dureing the Estate hereby made & granted peaceably & quietly have hold use & Enjoy all & singuler the said granted premises with the appurtennces according to the true meaning hereof without any lett Sute trouble or Charge whatever of or by the daid William Bretton & Temperance his wife their or either of their heires or assignes or any of them or any other person or persons whatsoever lawefully having or clayming to have any estate interest or thing in or out of the sd granted premises or any part thereof by from or under the William Bretton & Temperance his wife their heires or assignes or either of them by their or either of their meanes privity Consent or pcuremt And tht the sd granted premises & every part thereof now are & be soc during the Estate hereby made & passd shall & may according to the true intent & meaning hereof remayne continue and be to the sd henry warren his heires and assignes Fully freely & cleerly asquitted Freed & discharged or upon request to the sd William Bretton & temperance his wife their heires & assignes in that behalfe well & sufficiently & att his or their owne costs & Charges shalbe saved and kept harmlesse by them the William Bretton & Temperance his wife their heires and assignes of & from all former & other Bargaines Sales leases guifts grants Estates Rents & of & from all joyntures Dowers Statutes Recognizances Judgmts exucons Forfeitures Seizures issues extents & all other charges titles incumbrances & demands whatsoever had made committed acknowledged or done to be had mad committed acknowledged or done by the said William Bretton & Temperance his wife their heires or assignes or any other person or psons lawfully clayming from by or under them or by any of them or their meanes title or pcurements the rents and services from hereunder to grow due & payable to the Cheife lord or lords of the fee or Feeshereof onely excepted & foreprized And the sd William Bretton & temperance his wife Doth further Covenant & grant for thm their heires Executors Administrators & assignes to & with the sd Henry Warren his heires and assignes & effy of them by theis pnts that the the said William Bretton & Temperance his wife their heires and all and very other person or persons any Estate Title or Demand having or lawfully clayming or wch anything shall have or lawfully may claime into or out of the sd premises before menconed to be granted or any part or parcel thereof by from or under them the said William Bretton and Temperance his wife shall & will from time to time & att all times hereafter Dureing the space of seaven years next following after the date hereof att the reasonable request Costs & Charges in the law of the said Henry Warren his heires and assignes Doe make acknowledge execute & suffer and cause and procure to be made acknowledged executed and suffered all and every such further and other lawfull and reasonable Act & Acts Assureance and assureances in the law whatsoever for the further and better assureance & sure making and conveying of all the sayd granted premises with th apprtenances or any part thereof unto him the daid Henry Warren his heirs and assignes according to the true intent and meaning hereof be itt by Fine Feoffment Recovery or other waies as by the Henry Warren his heires and saaignes or his or their Counsell learned in the law in that behalfe shall be reasonably Devised or Advised And itt is mutually agreed and Concluded by and betweene the parties to theispresents that all and every such further assurance to be made as aforesaid of the said granted premises or any part thereof in menconed to be and shall be to the only use and behoofe of the said Henry Warren his heires and assignes for evr and to noe other use intent or purpose whatsoever. And the said William Bretton and temperance his wife doth hereby grant for them their heires that they the said William and Temperance and their heires as well as the Seaven Hundred acres of land as the said Hundred acres together with all and Singular other the premises granted or mencioned to be granted bargained and sold and every part and parcel thereof with all and singular their and every of their Rights members and appurtennnces unto the said Henry Warren his heires assignes against them the said William and Temperance and their heires and against all and every other person and psons whatsoever shall and will warrant and for ever defend by theis presents In wittnes whereof the said William Bretton & Temperance his wife have sett their hands and Seales in the yeare and day first above menconed William Bretton (Seale) Temperance Bretton (Seale) Sealed and Delified in the pnce of Wm Evans Walter Hall John Heard William Gwither Memorandum that Full and peaceable possession & Seizin of all & Singular the lands Tenemts & other the premises within granted was delivered by the within named William Bretton & Temperance his wife to the within named Henry Warren accordinge to the forme and effect of the said Deed within written the second day of December Annoq domini one thousand six hundred sixty eight Wm Evans Walter Hall John Heard William Gyither. The within written deed was on the Ninth Day of December in the Seaven and Thirtyeth yeare of the Dominium of Caecilius &c annoq domini One thousand six hundred Sixty eight att a Provinciall Court held at St. Mary’s by the within named William Bretton acknowledged to be the Right of the within named Henry Warren and his heires forever Daniel Jenifer.
June 20th 1650 hese presents witness that I William Bretton of Newtowne Gent haue sold and delivered, and by these presents doe sell deliver and make over one black Heifer about two yeares old marked with myowne proper marke viz Over and vnderkeeld the right Eare and cropt the left Eare having little small white spots vnder the Belly, vnto Charles Maynard of Newtowne aforesaid planter And I doe hereby avouch the sale of the said heifer vnto the said Charles his heires or Assigns and will mainetaine the same against ll just claymes in lawe whatsoever Witnes my hand Willm Bretton Witness Willm Evans

John Mansell (Maunsell)

One of the three servants transported by William Bretton was John Mansell. This clearly refers to the same person and the tone of the article shows his catholic faith and confirms the faith of William Bretton to some extent. It would be expected that if William Bretton was a Catholic his servants would likely be of the same Faith. The article is taken from “The day-star of American freedom or The birth and early growth of toleration in the……………
Mr Maunsell 237
Chapter XXX Mr John Maunsell
Mr Maunsell (1) arrived as early as the year 1637 (2) and lived in St. Clements hundred in 1642(3) It would seem that his residence about ten years later, was in the same part of St. Mary’s County(4) and either there or in the adjacent hundred of Newtown (5) we cannot but suppose he may be traced during the year 1649 when he held a seat in the General Assembly of the province. He did not take up many tracts of land : and all his possessions were indeed rather small ; but he is generally styled “Planter” upon the records. And, while his name in not often connected with important events in our early history, yet surely
(1) spelt also Mansell (2) Lib. No 1 pp 68-69 (3) Records of the Executive Chamber, Proceedings of the Assembly Lib 1637 to 1658 pp 209-215 (4) Lib B B 1638 to 1665 Judgements pp 153-154 Lib A. B. and II p 167
Two incidents demand a notice – the plunder of his house by Ingle’s piratical party (1) – and his relationship towards the memorable Assembly of 1649 (2) The evidence of his faith in the Roman Catholic church is purely circumstantial, but not the less conclusive or satisfactory. The inference is drawn from the absence of everything (so far as his life can now be illustrated) like the least taint of disloyalty towards the proprietary; from the historical traditions connected with the name “Maunsell” (3) from the faith of the gentleman, under whose special care………………… (1) John Maunsell maketh oath that about five years since (when Richard Ingle, mariner and his accomplices, plundered divers of the inhabitants of this province of Maryland) divers persos of his, the said Ingle’s party plundered and took away from this deponents house in Maryland aforesaid one hogshead of tobacco which then had been paid and belonged to Mr CuthbertFenwick, or to Capt. Thos. Cornwallis : and that John Rablay of Virginia was then in company of them that so plundered and took away the said tobacco ; which Rablay was one of them, and that was most active and busy in employments of that nature Jurat 5 die November 1649 coram me Lib No 2. p 524 “Thos Hatton” (2) Lib No 2 pp 448 449
(3) The name of one distinguished, but fifty years later, in the Roman Catholic missions of Maryland. The records are lost and I cannot trace the relationship ; but presume he was a member of the same family. Thomas was his first name
……………and immediate auspices he came to Maryland (1) from the year of his arrival, so distinguished for the large number of roman Catholic emigrants (2) and so near the landing of the original Pilgrims at St. Mary’s, as to warrant the presumption (apart from other reasons) that he was a disciple of the same church ; from the hostility manifested (chiefly, indeed, toward Captain Cornwallis but partly, also, we may suppose, against himself) by the Catholic-hating, Puritan pirate;(3) From the well known Roman Catholic prefix to a tract surveyed for him (4); from the absence of his name ( a fact of very great weight) from a Declaration signed by so many of the most prominent Protestants, including (it would seem) some of his neighbours;(5) but especially from the………………………… (1)Mr William Bretton, the Roman-Catholic Assemblyman of 1649 See Lib.no 1 pp68-69 (2) The Rev Thos. Copley, Messrs Wm Bretton, Luke Gardiner, Thos. Matthews, John Lewger, and the members of Mr lewgers family were some of the Roman Catholics who came in 1637. See Lib No 1 pp 19-20 (3) See Mr maunsell’s preceeding deposition (4) “St. John’s” consisting of 100 acres on the West side of britton’s bay was surveyed by Mr Maunsell in 1649. Rent-Roll for st. Mary’s and Charles vol 1, fol 26 (5) In Lib B. B., 1663 to 1665 Judgements, an on pp 153-154 there is a certificate of Dctor Thos. Gerrard’s election in 1652 to the House of Burgess over the signature of 37 freemen including Mr Maunsell. Some of them had signed the Protestant Declaration. If Mr Maunsell’s neighbours could affix their names why was not he, also, a signature
……………………faith of Colonel William Evans (1) the administrator of his estate and the guardian of his orphan son (2) ( a point on which our ancestors betrayed the keenest sensibility (3) as well as the god-father of his supposed daughter (4). No fact in his life weakens the influence; but everything that is known of him confirms and sustains it. Even if he were a Protestant or we suppose he was a delegate either from St. Clements or from New Town he could still but represent the sentiments of the Roman Catholic party. Nearly all the inhabitants of the former hundred wered the tenants of Doct gerrard or the suiters before the court-leet or court-baron held upon St Clements manor. For nothing was the latter more noted than for the great number of its Roman Catholics (1) See will of Col. Wm Evans, the Roman Catholic Lib no 1 1635 to 1674 p 331-332 (2) Mr Maunsell, it would seem, died about 1660without a will and his son John then in his seventeenth year (in conformity we may presume with the faith of his family) “made choice of Cpt (subsequently Colonel) “Wm Evans for his guardian” who immediately afterwards received instructions from the Court to “take out letters of Administration” See Lib S. 1658 to 1662 Judgements p 343 (3) So great was the anxiety manifested by our ancestors upon this subject that in some cases they provided, even in their wills, for a change of the guardian upon his adoption of a different faith from that held by the testator. (4) No freeman or Gntleman who bore the name of Maunsell had lived here but he Assemblyman and his son and from the relationship also of col Evans – the god-father of his son (see his will) and the guardian of his other child – we infer that Mary was the sister of John and the daughter of the emigrant of 1637. In an age of so much earnestness we cannot believe that a Protestant would allow his child to be baptised by a Roman Catholic Priest or that a Roman catholic would be a sponsor for an infant receiving the sacramental right from a protestant. How natural then is the supposition that Col Evans and the Assemblyman of 1649 were members of the same church

Gift of land by William Bretton to the Catholics of Newtown to build the first Roman Catholic Church and graveyard

“Know ye that I, William Bretton of Little Bretton in ye county of St. Mary’s in ye province of Aid Gentleman, with the hearty good-liking of my dearly beloved wife Temperance Bretton * * * have given, and do hereby freely give, to the behoof of the said Roman Catholic inhabitants, and their posterity and successors, Roman Catholics, so much land as they sahall build ye said church or chapel on * * with such other land adjoining to the said church or chapel convenient likewise for a church-yard wherewin to bury their dead, containing about one acre and a half of ground, situated and lying in a dividend of land called Bretton’s Outlet, and on the east side of ye said dividend, near to ye head of the creek called St. William’s creek, which falleth into St. Nicholas creek, and near unto the narrowest place of ye free-hold of Little Bretton, commonly called the straights.” Upon this ground was erected Saint Ignatius Chapel, the first Roman Church at Xewton. It was apparently a frame-building although a few scattered brick may still be around it’s site and which are the only traces of it, that are today visible, but the old graveyard surrounding the spot where once it stood, has been used as a place of Roman Catholic burial for nearly two hundred and forty years” It is recorded that on at least two occasions, the little chapel of St. Ignatius, was the receipent of legacies, one in 1670 and another the following year 1808