Tourn at Wakefield after feast of St. Lucy the Virgin (December 13th) 18 EdwardII (1324)

Henry le Hyne drew blood from Robert de Bretton. Fined 12 pence (this is the third occasion we have read about some trouble involving this Robert de Bretton)

Diota de Bretton fined 6 pence for brewing. (formerly wife of Richard de Bretton)

Mogota de Bretton fined 6 pence for brewing.


Information from the Borthwick Institute, York University

From Recusant Rolls 3 & 4 1594 – 6   By Dom Hugh Bowler Catholic Records Society Volume 61

1597   Presentment of Vicars, Parsons & Curates against Recusants. “Nether Recusant nor yet any goods or landes of any rect. in any of theistownes foll.(in the Bretton’s case Sandal was quoted) : John Bretton, Fra. his wief, Luke their sonne and Dorothie Bretton 20 years owld all Rects. John Bretton hath landes in Bretton worth XX lip. ann


From Catholic Records Society  Vol. 53 Recusant Records by Dom Hugh Bowler  – Jan. 1595

Sandal Magna  : John Bretton, yoman and Francis his wife resydinge in Bretton aforesaid value per annum iiij li   Luke Bretton and Marke Bretton sonnes to the said John Bretton Richard Bretton his sonne Dorothie his daughter resydinge in house with the said John Bretton


Catholic Recusancy in the City of York 1558 – 1791 by Hugh Aveling (1640 Archiepiscopal Visitation Book

St. Cuthbert’s

Ann Thwing and Ann Britton popish rec. YCA House Book XXXII Fol. 245 v  18th March 1602/3 John Brittan and Alice his wife


Knox    Douay Diaries   Darium Primum

Anno Domini 1634 The oath taken by Students of the Foundation with the names of those who took the oath (1627 – 1653 Franciscus Brettonus , Eboracencis, hic Burdet  Januarii die 6th 1635

List of priests ordained 1573 – 1632 1592 Eodem anno venit Roma D.   Mattheus Brittonus

Priests sent on English mission (1574 – 1644)   1604  Doctor Mattheus Brettonus S.T.D
Knox    Douay Diaries  Diarium Secundum

(Diary of the college from Nov 11 1575 to Aug 8 1593)

1584 Augustus 15 die rediit ex Anglia Matthaeus Bretton (and three others) (In side column – Acced)

22 Feb 1586 Venit ad nos quidam D. Edwards generosus, qui statim in communas receptus est, (nomine Edouardus Campianus). Eodem die hinc a nobis ad Romanum seminarium missi sunt Matthaeus Bretton (and 5 others) Eodem die Romam profectus est D. Rob. Walley presbyter (in side column ‘ “Acced Romam missi peregrinationis ergo profectus est D. Rob. Walley presbyter. (in side column: Acced. Romam missi  Perigrinus) 2 July 1592 Venit ad nos D. Matthaeus Bretton sacerdos seminarii Romani per sexennium alumnus (acced) 20 Feb 1593 Duacum profectus est D. Matthaeus Bretton sacerdos, ut ibi in collegio Anglorum praefecti munere fungeretur (disced)


A list of Englishmen who matriculated at the University of Douay before 1612 (from a notorial document in the archives of the See of Westminster)

Fol. 25 Matthaeus Brettonus, Eboracens, presbiter.pauperes seminarii Anglicani  (1593)

The draft of a memorial addressed by Dr Worthington and Dr Percy to Cardinal Caetano, Protector of England 1596 (nb  mainly relating to the English College at Rome) in list headed : Alii sunt qui rel nunquam in collegio isto vixerunt, vel serius ad illud acces surunt, sc :-   includes Matthaeus Brittonus secerdote


1634 William Bretton was a churchwarden at Sandal Magna (Grandson of Robert Bretton ?)