Family Trees

There are two separate Genealogy Reports on the Bretton family tree. Both are very lengthy, with 34 generations and around 70 to 90 pages each – they are linked at the bottom of this page.

The central information on the two reports is duplicated but one report concentrates more on the direct Bretton line and includes a very large number of branches, especially a very detailed American line of Brettons/Brittons. That report is headed “Bretton Tree”

The second report is more detailed about the duplicated entries and gives more background information about the individuals. It then concentrates not only on some of the Bretton information mentioned above, but includes the (very) aristocratic branches of the Wentworth family following the re-linking of the Bretton and Wentworth lines. It also includes a number of family names of people, other than Brettons, who also emigrated to America. It is again a tribute to the patience of Dorothy Edson who prepared it. It is headed “Bretton/Wentworth tree”

The two reports have not yet been merged but we are hoping this will be done and be available in either Gedcom or FTW. These complete files will be too large for this site and will be available on request (free of charge of course) in whichever format is required.

If anyone links into either of these two trees then PLEASE let us know so that we can add them to the data base and try to get as complete a tree as possible.

Stan & Christine Bretton

The Bretton Tree

The Bretton – Wentworth Tree